The Kaizen method in Celada

Celada has launched a Kaizen process aimed at all collaborators, based on a new approach that raises the bar of corporate performance and the well-being of people in the company.

One method, one

The Kaizen method is a Japanese philosophy and methodology of continuous improvement that involves the entire company structure. Joining the two terms: KAI (change, improvement) with ZEN (good, better), means to change for the better, to continuously improve.


The first person to promote Kaizen was Masaaki Imai in 1986, when he illustrated the business philosophy that would fuel the success of Japanese industry in the ‘80s, with particular reference to Toyota.

Celada’s 5 team-building

There are 5 active team-building groups in Celada,: these are cross-functional groups that work on solving problems; they meet periodically to share progress and new objectives.


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