EOS / M Series

EOS offers a complete portfolio of systems, materials and processes for metalworking that can be flexibly combined to meet a variety of production requirements. DMLS® (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) by EOS is PBF laser technology proven over almost three decades and is today considered the benchmark for metal 3D printing.

The DMLS process is mainly used for production in demanding industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical, as well as for tooling and turbo-machines, which require consistent part quality and properties comparable to conventional casting or forging.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical Data M 100 M 290
Print volume Ø 100 x 95 mm 250 x 250 x 325 mm
Laser type Yb Fibre; 200 W Yb Fibre; 400 W
Scan Speed Up to 7.0 m/s Up to 7.0 m/s
Focus diameter 40 μm 100 μm
Dimensions 800 x 950 x 2250 mm 2500 x 1300 x 2190 mm
Material EOS CobaltChrome SP2

EOS StainlessSteel 316L

EOS Titanium Ti64

EOS Tungsten W1

EOS Aluminium AlSi10Mg

EOS CobaltChrome MP1

EOS MaragingSteel MS1

EOS NickelAlloy HX

EOS NickelAlloy IN625

EOS NickelAlloy IN718

EOS StainlessSteel CX

EOS StainlessSteel PH1

EOS StainlessSteel 17-4PH

EOS StainlessSteel 316L

EOS Titanium Ti64

EOS Titanium Ti64ELI

EOS Titanium TiCP Grade 2

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