The DMC vertical lathes of the DL V series meet a wide range of heavy machining requirements, with their technological solutions and different configurations.

The structural solidity of the bed and the spindle line make the DL V series extremely efficient in general mechanical work.

The supporting structure has been designed and built with a cast iron monobloc. The guides are of the integral type, correctly dimensioned. The spindle line support is also made entirely of cast iron. The cooling lubrication system compensates for thermal effects and ensures that high performance is maintained over time.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical Data DL 40V DL 60V DL 80V DL 100V
Max. swing diameter [mm] 400 610 800 1000
Max. turning diameter [mm] 320 450 730 920
Max. turning length [mm] 200 450 750 850
Main spindle speed (min-1) 4000 3000 2000 1800
No. of tools 8 12 12 12
Motor [kW] 11/15 18,5/22 22/30 37/45
Spindle nose ASA 2-6 ASA 2-8 ASA 2-11 ASA 2-15

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