Star SB series

The SB series of computer numerical control sliding headstock lathes integrate the traditional features of a Swiss-Type lathe with state-of-the-art STAR technology with the possibility of simultaneous double-sided drilling and tapping operations.

The SB series machine models are hybrid (can work with and without a guide bush).

Optionally, the machine can be configured so that machining on the main spindle is carried out with several motorised tool holders.

Specifiche tecniche

Model SB-20RG SB-12RG
Max. turning diameter Ø 20/23 13
Max. sliding headstock travel with rotating sleeve mm 50 30
Maximum drilling capacity
Fixed tool Ø 10 10
Rotating tool on comb slide Ø 7 (ER16) 7 (ER16)
Rotating tool on comb slide Ø 5 (ER11) 5 (ER11)
Max. tapping capacity
Fixed tool M8x 1,25 M8x 1,25
Rotating tool on comb slide M6 x1 (ER16)  M6 x1 (ER16)
Rotating tool on comb slide M5 x0.8 (ER11) M5 x0.8 (ER11)
Max. milling capacity
End mill on comb slide Ø 10 10

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