Star ST series

The ST series sliding headstock lathe with computerized numerical control integrates the traditional features of a Swiss-Type lathe with STAR’s cutting-edge technology; this means that simultaneous double-sided turning, drilling, tapping and milling operations are possible.

Specifiche tecniche

Model  ST-20 ST-38
Max. turning diameter Ø 20 38
Max. sliding headstock travel mm 315 315
Clamp F25 Art.N.64 F48 Art.N.81
Bush Neukomm 22001 Neukomm tipo B Art. 464.001
Maximum drilling capacity
Fixed tool on turrets Ø 14 23
Rotating tool on turrets Ø 8 10
Max. tapping capacity
Fixed tool on turrets M10x1,5 M12x1,75
Rotating tool on turret M6x1 M8x1,25
Max. milling capacity
End mill on turrets Ø 10 20
Disc mill on turrets mm 2×6 2×20

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